All product warranty is the sole responsibility of the manufacturer.  Pete’s Superbike will assist you with any warranty claim to the best of it’s ability as customer service.

All items that are returned to Pete’s Superbike, for manufacturer warranty consideration, must have shipping paid to and from our store.



Tire Warranties

We do not stock or order defective tires.  If you have an issue with a tire, the same thing would of happened from another store and the same procedure is honored by all dealers accross Canada.   Please take in consideration, we do not fabricate the tires, we are only resellers.

Warranty procedure for tires is, you have to send us back the defective tire and fill in the questionnaire below, please do a copy paste. You can also send us the form by email at

What happens next is when we recieve your tire we will send it to the supplier it was purchased from.  They will examin it to see if it’s covered for warranty.  This procedure can take 4-5 weeks.  This waiting time is out of our control. When we will get the confirmation from the supplier (that the tire is covered by the warranty) we will gladly send you another one.

If for some reason you want another tire before the warranty decision is taken please feel free to purchase another tire on the site.  When we get refunded from the supplier, we will refund the last one you purchased. 

Unfortunately no labor or shipping costs are covered under warranty,



Tire Warranty Form

Order number:

VIN Number of Motorcycle:

Make, model, year of vehicule:

Make and model of the tire:

Front or rear tire:

Installation date:

Date of defect:

Approximate number of kilometers travelled:

Tire pressure:

Depth of the thread:

DOT Code (4 digit code on the side of the tire)

Total weight in pounds, (Weight of the driver, passanger, cargo weight and trailer hitch if applicable.)

Storage location:

Description of the problem:


Items that originate from the USA

For all items that come from the USA, all warranties are dealt with the company’s in the USA directly,  Pete’s Superbike will assist you as best as we can in the procedure.  Customer is responsible to get their items to the supplier or maufacturer directly.  Here are the companies that are from the USA:  Pitbull Racing, Woodcraftcfm, MotoD Racing, Annitori Quick Shifters, Armour Bodies, Hotbodies Racing, GPR, HM Quickshifters, M4 Exhausts, Ohlins and Starlane.