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Kit E - 1 x 2oz/ 1 x 3oz bags

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What are Counteract Beads?

Incredibly small perfectly round beads specially coated to resist moisture.

Environmentally friendly Counteract Balancing Beads automatically balance the whole wheel assembly for the life of the tire. Scientifically proven to improve fuel economy, decrease tire wear and virtually eliminate vibration, Counteract Balancing Beads are the faster, smarter and most economical choice to balance wheels on Motorcycles, ATV’s, and nearly anything with wheels.

There are many advantages to a completely balanced wheel assembly, beyond extended tire life and an improved ride. Counteract is easy to install and is an environmentally friendly, recyclable product

The science behind the product is what makes Counteract work better than any other alternative in the market.

An electron exchange occurs when the glass bead maintains contact within the revolving tire, causing it to “cling” to the wall of the tire with up to five times the force of gravity. Then, any imperfection in the uniformity, symmetry or imbalance in the wheel or wheel assembly, including the tire, rim, axle or anything that rotates, will cause a vibration. The vibration causes Counteract Beads to ‘migrate’, within the tire, until the vibration ceases, then they ‘cling’ there, balancing the wheel and wheel assembly for the life of the tire, even if the tire is not in motion.

Why use Counteract Beads?

  • our tires are balanced all the time, not just at 30 MPH
  • No rebalancing everytime you come to a stop
  • No dust to clog valves
  • Free valve cap and new valve stem with every bag
  • Increased tire life
  • Improves feul economy
  • reduces vibration

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